2021 Ride Schedule (Click here to download)

PLEASE CALL THE HOG HOTLINE for the latest updates. 952-953-7430

Mileage Reporting for 2021

As we begin the riding season, make sure you are reporting your beginning of 2021 mileage reading to the Chapter so you get credit for your miles in the Ride365 HOG program! Also, send us updates throughout the year as well, and a final reading when you tuck your babies away for the non-riding season.

Send an email with your name, H-D model, National HOG#, last 6 of your VIN and a picture of your odometer to asstdirector.wphog@gmail.com or secretary.wphog@gmail.com. Or stop in WPHD Service and fill out a postcard and we’ll pick it up that way.

Looking forward to a long and successful 2021 riding season!

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