2021 Ride Schedule

WP HOG Discount Card Mileage Challenge

Due to the fact that we cannot gather as we are used to as a Chapter for active members to get their discount cards punched for the month, we are putting forth a mileage challenge for you to earn your punch, as well as get your mileage reported for the National HOG Chapter Challenge for Ride365. To earn your punch for the month, take a picture of your odometer now before you begin riding in the month and then again at the end. Send both photos to asstdirector.wphog@gmail.com and secretary.wphog@gmail.com. If you ride over 100 miles in the month you will earn your discount card punch. Bring your discount card to the parts desk at Wild Prairie and ask for either Tim Mandeville or Dave Sidler and they will verify they have your information and punch your card.

Another way to earn your punch is to visit one of the Wild Prairie HOG Chafed Butt 2021 locations and submit your photo per instructions on the flier. Please see the flier posted below.

As a reminder, please carry your discount card with you at all times, both for obtaining a punch for the month and also for obtaining your discount when you purchase items at the dealership. Dealership staff reserve the right to refuse a discount if you cannot present your discount card punched for the prior month. Please help them help you.

PLEASE CALL THE HOG HOTLINE for the latest updates. 952-953-7430

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