rick mckagan

Rich McKagan
Head Road Captain


Chapter rides are designed and lead by Road Captains with safety being the primary focus. Each Road Captain is experienced in group riding techniques ensuring Chapter Rides are fun, enjoyable and safe.

Road Captains not only design ride routes but are also responsible for pre-riding the route in advance to help deal with unforeseen road hazards such as detours, construction zones and poor or dangerous road conditions.

At the beginning of each ride the Road Captain conducts a pre-ride meeting lasting 3 to 5 minutes covering the details of the ride including but not limited to rest stops, hand signal review and the Chapter NO ALCOHOL policy. The Road captain will also review the “staggered” riding position and ask if there are any riders in the group that are new to group riding or if anyone has a medical condition that may need attention during the ride.

Being a Road Captain is an important position in the Chapter structure and requires common sense, dedication and a volunteering spirit. If you are interested in becoming a Road Captain or have questions about the Wild Prairie Chapter Road Captain Program please contact the Head Road Captain at HRC.wphog@gmail.com.

Road Captain Roster

Mike Aase Ricky Hayman Duane Meyer

Road Guides

Greg Anderson Dave Kane Jeff Reitan Scott Bellefuille
Tom Deveny Dave Knutson Dale Roseen Frank Canney
Dale Duerkson Howard Lunsford Jeff Schadegg Aimee Makres
Rick Haefner Tim Mandeville David Sidler Dave Priem
Kevin Harty Jay Martin Kevin Swecker Mark Willemssen
Chris Hawver Rich McKagan