kevin swecker

Kevin Swecker
Lead Spokesman

In 2010, a group called the Spokesman was formed to be the official representatives of the WPHD HOG Chapter. The individuals making up this group represent the demographics of the Chapter’s make up of men and women of varying ages, lifestyles and riding backgrounds. Spokesman are chosen with close attention being paid to personal attributes such as an outgoing personality, positive attitude and high ethical standards.

As Chapter representatives, Spokesman are a new Chapter members “first impression” of the Chapter. Each month, Spokesman personally call on new members inviting them to attend Chapter meetings, introducing them to other members, showing them what the Chapter has to offer, and welcoming them as new members by introducing them to the Chapter at the beginning of the meeting.

As representatives of the Chapter, the Spokesman act as the eyes and ears of the Chapter. They solicit and listen to member comments – both positive and negative – and communicate those comments to the Chapter Director and the Board of Directors. All Chapter members are encouraged to seek out a Spokesman if they have issues that need attention. This continued focus serves to improve an already excellent HOG Chapter.

“Kevin Swecker, Lead Spokesman


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