Cold Weather Riding Tips

Cold Weather Riding Tips

Below are some good basic tips about riding gear for the cold weather season, compliments of

"To the casual observer, riding a motorcycle seems like an activity best left to warm days. However, the enthusiastic rider will often want to venture outside under colder conditions.

Dressing appropriately is the best way to keep yourself safe while riding your motorcycle in cold weather. Remember the following tips as you're selecting your motorcycle apparel:

▪ Keep your hands and feet warm. Invest in a good pair of gloves and some high-quality motorcycle boots.

▪ Keep your torso warm. If your torso is cold, it will restrict blood flow to your hands and feet.

▪ Wind-proof your body. Make sure the outside layer of your outfit is made of a material that will stop the wind.

▪ Seal the openings in your outfit. Don't let air come in through the neck opening in your jacket, the sleeves of your shirt, or the bottom of your pants.

▪ Choose a good insulating material. Wool is the best natural fiber insulating material, but synthetics such as Thinsulate work well also.

If your bike allows it, you may also want to consider installing a windshield. If you plan to ride in cold weather on a regular basis, a windshield will keep you warmer than if you simply dress in appropriate motorcycle apparel.

While riding your motorcycle in cold weather, it's wise to watch for signs of hypothermia or frostbite. If you start to feel uncomfortable, stop your bike and seek medical attention."

If you choose to ride in the colder weather and you are well equipped for the extra challenges riding in these conditions bring, congratulations to you for addressing this important safety aspect. If you are not well equipped for riding in the colder weather, talk with your fellow chapter buddies and to the experts at the dealership. There is a ton of great equipment available for you to extend your riding season just a bit further here in our northern climate.

Lastly, if you are out riding in the cold weather, be proactivley vigilant for road debris like added sand and salt that can very adversely affect your bike's tire traction.

Think and Ride Safe,


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